Sega launches tower defence card-battler Samurai BloodShow for iOS

Samurai showdown

Sega launches tower defence card-battler Samurai BloodShow for iOS
| Samurai BloodShow

Sega's new samurai-themed tower defence card-battler Samurai Bloodshow has sliced its way onto the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

The game tasks you with recruiting katana-wielding warriors, scantily clad samurai, and a bunch of other fighters with pointy objects as you battle to maintain your honour in twelfth-century feudal Japan.

You can lead your army through 100 different levels of action, use skill, honour, and expert fighting skills to destroy enemy forces, and unlock rare and powerful additions to your gang of death-bringers. Or you can grab them through in-app purchase.

What's a decapitation without friends?

When you're done wiping the floor with the corpses of your enemies you face-off against your buddies over Bluetooth, or against total strangers using Game Center.

You can grab Samurai BloodShow from the App Store as a Universal app for £1.49/$1.99.

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