Machinarium creator shows off more gorgeous scenes from Samorost 3, out later this year

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Machinarium creator shows off more gorgeous scenes from Samorost 3, out later this year
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Creator of Machinarium and Botanicula, Amanita Design has released a new trailer and batch of screenshots for its upcoming surreal adventure Samorost 3.

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Samorost 3 - about a year and a half - so a reminder was certainly due. Especially as Samorost 3 should be out a little later this year.

It has you following the little space gnome from the first two games (only available on PC) as he visits various moons and planets, exploring the strange flora and getting to know the varied creatures of each.

The gnome is apparently trying to build a spaceship after a magical flute fell from the sky and, presumably, instructed him to do so - it's all part of the game's mystery.

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While the details of the plot are unclear, what isn't is how beautiful Samorost 3 is looking, as we can see in the new media that Amanita released.

There are planets drenched in the soft green of mosses and leaves. Among it, a tree-man seems to offer a helping hand.

There's also a moon that appears to be sentient and made entirely of dried bark. Then there are the lazy creatures hanging around corn-yellow potholes. And not forgetting the creepy crawlies, ghost-like apparitions, and branch-swinging antics.

It's not all exploration, mind. The trailer shows some of the puzzles we'll have to solve, which include operating levers and interacting with other gizmos.

Samorost 3

Hopefully Samorost 3 will live up to Amanita Design's typical high quality of adventure games when it hits iOS, Android, and PC soon. Keep an eye on its website for more.

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