Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 - Samorost 3

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Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 - Samorost 3
| Samorost 3

There's no escaping one simple fact: it's cold. That is, unless you live on the southern hemisphere, where you're probably complaining that it's too hot or something. Honestly.

No matter your complaint, Pocket Gamer is here to cheer you up throughout these freezing winter months courtesy of our very own Advent Calendar.

From December first, right up until Christmas Day itself, we're giving away free codes for the very best premium mobile games which launched this year.

For more information, check out the post from December first but if you know the drill by now, read on to learn about why you should have played Samorost 3 this year.

What the hell is Samorost?

Why, it's an adventure series from the awesome developers behind Machinarium and Botanicula, of course. That means lovely hand drawn artwork, adorable characters, and a wonderful ambience.

Samorost 3 is the third in a series that follows a cute little space gnome who travels across the universe using a magic flute. He's on a journey to discover its origins.

You'll visit a bunch of alien planets chock full of puzzles, curious characters, and surprises to discover.

We loved it at review, giving it a coveted Gold Award and describing it as: "A wonderfully atmospheric point-n-click and a worthy follow-up to Machinarium and Botanicula".

That sounds right up my alley

I don't blame you - everyone should check out Samorost 3 because it's a true joy! If you'd like to get a chance at playing it for free, simply join the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments below.

We've got iOS and Android codes available for this one, so please also specify your preference between the two platforms.

We'll then select the lucky winners and distribute codes within one working day, and announce you all in a post on the App Army page.

The App Army is Pocket Gamer's very own community of mobile game experts. Each week, we provide them with a bunch of free codes and early access to the hottest upcoming games so they can provide their thoughts in features like this. We also host regular community-driven events with them in mind like tournaments, giveaways, and multiplayer evenings. To join, simply follow this link to the page on Facebook and request access. We'll get you in right away!
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