It's emulation madness as the SameBoy hits the iOS App Store

Emulation is the next big thing it seems

It's emulation madness as the SameBoy hits the iOS App Store
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  • The SameBoy is the latest of a huge wave of emulators to hit mobile
  • Play games from the world-famous GameBoy console and more
  • Is it too narrow a focus? Or just right?

If you thought the wave of emulators hitting iOS was going to slow down anytime soon, you've got another thing coming. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society today is the Game Boy emulator the, wait for it, SameBoy!

The SameBoy emulates, what else? The Game Boy. Boasting what they call the world's most accurate Game Boy emulation core - a variety of features to control scaling, speed, rumble support and more - it's stuffed full of everything you could want from an emulator.

And if you're somehow unfamiliar with the Game Boy, it's one of the most successful handheld consoles of all time. Having survived years of competitors and in one case even being struck by a bomb, as far as game platforms go this is one of the greats.

You can find the SameBoy on the iOS App Store.

Same as it ever was The SameBoy in action on its Steam version.

While the SameBoy focuses on a much narrower console selection compared to other emulators like the RetroArch (although the SameBoy has been released as RetroArch DLC for Steam), it's undeniable how much of a pedigree the Game Boy it's based on has.

The open-source nature of it, alongside the fact that there are dozens of games to play from this platform, ensures that we're going to see plenty of people taking up emulation just to have a go with the SameBoy.

And better yet, even if you're iffy about emulation there are plenty of homegrown games made specifically for Game Boy emulators to provide brand-new titles for you to play!

Some people may not like to emulate, whether it's too difficult or just inconvenient. And that's okay because you can take a glance at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find out what you can play without having to leave the comfort of your preferred app store!

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