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3 reasons to check out Same Room Games while on lockdown

3 reasons to check out Same Room Games while on lockdown

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Times are tough right now, with coronavirus lockdown stifling our everyday lives on putting the kibosh on most outdoor activities; but help is at hand in the form of a new social mini-games compilation for mobile devices.

Same Room Games for iOS and Android is here to take the sting out of social isolation. It’s a collection of casual multiplayer games that you can play with friends and family, competing in teams or going head-to-head in a bid to wrack up the highest individual score.

These long, housebound evenings have been crying out for an app like this, and here are three reasons you should check out Same Room Games.

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Variety is the spice life is missing right now

Variety is something most people’s lives are lacking these days, but Same Room Games is doing its bit to remedy that by offering nine different titles that span a host of genres.

Be a Quiz Master and What’s the Question are simple, multiple-choice trivia games, while Connect the Dots and Drop Your Lines fly the flag for digital board games. One Word Clue, meanwhile, will be a sure-fire hit with anyone who has a thing for classic guessing games.

For those who prefer their mini-games straight out of left field, Zombies vs Human casts one player as a lone survivor in a dungeon and the others as a pack of zombies in constant pursuit. It’s a novel inclusion alongside those traditional quizzes and boardgames.

It puts the ‘social’ in social distancing

One of Same Room Games’ mini-games, in particular, is worth singling out as a source of relief in these trying times. Know your Friends will bring much-needed social elements to your lockdown experience by teaching you new things about the people around you.

Each round begins with a non-invasive, personal question that all contestants must answer as honestly as possible under the cover of anonymity. One answer is then shown to the group and everyone must guess who provided it ahead of the big revelation.

Know your Friends is bound to unearth interesting factoids about your friends and family!

It’s easy to pick up and play

Same Room Games has been designed with simplicity in mind. There’s very little in the way of a learning curve to any of its mini-games, so they’re fully accessible to all of your friends and family, regardless of whether they’re seasoned gamers. The quiz-based games sport a straightforward multiple-choice interface, while the digital board games are controlled via basic touchscreen taps. This minimalist approach gives Same Room Games stacks of pick-up-and-play value, as well as all-ages appeal.

If you want to give Same Room Games a try, you can find available to buy on the App Store and Google Play right now.

Same Room Game's developer is proud to announce that it's participating in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global and far-reaching campaign: #PlayApartTogether. Together, as a Community, we can raise awareness of physical distancing as a powerful preventive action in the spread of COVID-19, which will help flatten the curve and save lives. Same Room Games also includes public play, so you can play with everyone online now!
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