Saint's Row comes steaming onto mobile

The nearest thing your phone has to Grand Theft Auto

Saint's Row comes steaming onto mobile
| Saints Row

It is number one in the console charts this week, and now THQ Wireless has launched Saint's Row for phones too. The mobile game involves stealing, robbing, fighting and shooting your way to the top, while driving fast cars. Which is always nice.

The big selling point on mobile is its free-roaming structure. You drive around the game's city completing various missions in whatever order you want. In that sense, the gameplay is very similar to the classic console series Grand Theft Auto, which has yet to make its way onto mobile.

There's a healthy element of pimping too. (Of your car, we mean, not ladies of the night.) You get to customise your vehicle into a banging gangsta machine, while also jazzing up your clothes to match it.

The game features a respect-based rewards system, with everything you do having a positive or negative impact on your respect rating, which governs whether your rivals go weak at the knees when they see you, or just pump bullets into your thighs.

Saint's Row is out now. Stay tuned (or click 'Track It!') for our in-depth review this Friday.