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Roterra 3 - A Sovereign Twist is the hit puzzler franchise's latest addition, now available on iOS

Roterra 3 - A Sovereign Twist is the hit puzzler franchise's latest addition, now available on iOS

DiG-iT! Games has just announced the launch of a new puzzler, the third in the series – Roterra 3: A Sovereign Twist. Players will be able to return to this mystical world as the game is now available on iOS. The latest edition will feature 50 new puzzles over 24 levels, which have all been hand-crafted. Roterra 3 has been touted for having “incredibly smart level design”, where going forward can also sometimes mean going backwards.

The Roterra series has always been quite well received with Roterra—Flip the Fairytale and Roterra Extreme—Great Escape, both winning a bunch of accolades for having great art and puzzles, and being an incredible indie game. The two of them were known for their design, innovative gameplay, ingenious puzzles, and spectacular graphics. Sovereign Twist is going to be no less and looks to build upon its predecessors.

Perspective challenges, a set of quests that were really loved by players are coming back and in better fashion as well. The Roterra series has also been known for its landscapes, which also earnt the game the Flip the Fairytale inclusion in Games with Amazing Art App Store Collection. This scenery has been improved quite a lot to make it that much more immersive. As players embark on their journey, they will come across regions ranging from highs to lows and from the icy arctic to the smelly swamps. The new camera perspective displays Roterra in a way that has never been seen before.

The music is to die for as well. Roterra 3 welcomes the award-winning composer Tapani Siirtola, who’s also worked on the insanely popular Game of Thrones series. Players will play as both Angelica and Orlando as they venture through the magical world of Roterra.

Download Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist now for a premium of $4.99.

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