Romans: Age of Caesar's latest Dev Diary focuses on the power of the Senate

Firefly Studios' co-operative city builder is currently in open alpha

Romans: Age of Caesar's latest Dev Diary focuses on the power of the Senate

We covered Romans: Age of Caesar a few times now and it's always nice to check back in and see how the development is progressing. Today, Firefly Studios have shared a dev diary update with us that talks about the Senate, where victors are decided and history is written. 

The video, which you can see embedded below, give us a look at the structure within the Senate itself. It is broken up into a series of chambers called Lower, Upper and Inner. Here you will carry out your political machinations as you bid to claim the title of Caesar before inevitably being stabbed in the back yourself.

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Once you've gained entry into the Senate you'll want to keep your seat as it provides a number of welcome boosts to your production, increases storage caps and other bonuses for your economy and army. It is very possible to lose your seat, however, and if this happens you'll have to start your political journey all over again.

Before becoming Caesar, the Inner Chamber will be your goal as it holds the greatest rewards for those who have a seat there. Though the cost to be there increases each and every day, making it a difficult position to maintain. Those who establish a high position, though, can shape the entire game world for months to come, leaving a truly lasting impact on Romans: Age of Caesar.

Romans: Age of Caesar will be available on the App Store and Google Play at some stage in 2021, with an open beta on PC planned to take place before the end of the year. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Also, you can sign up on their official website to register your interest in taking part in the open Alpha today.

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