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Romans: Age of Caeser finally soft-launches in a select few regions with a full release expected soon

Romans: Age of Caeser finally soft-launches in a select few regions with a full release expected soon

Romans: Age of Caesar, a quasi-MMO with a focus on city building that came out for PC some time ago, has finally soft-launched the mobile version of the game in select regions. This one sees you taking on the role of an Emperor as you attempt to rebuild Rome from the ground up, all the while handling diplomatic and wartime conflicts with other real-world players.

Age of Caesar has already seen some playtime from a dedicated fanbase on its PC version, and though it was a bit of a wait, mobile players can finally hit it up too. The mechanics of the game are simple to understand if you’ve played something like Clash of Clans, as it's quite similar in nature.

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You’ll build up your city, upgrading your defenses and structures to produce more materials while you’re offline so you don’t get raided and destroyed as you’re AFK. Over time, your city will grow and become massive, making you a bigger target for your PvP opponents, so you’ll have to keep up with it to make sure you stay on top of your defenses.

Of course, there are not only enemies out there. You can also team up with groups of other players to create an alliance that will help you out when you need it, be that with resources or defensive preparation, or even retaliation against someone who raided you.

This is a genre that is super popular across the world, and this set makes for another option for fans of the Roman era. It’ll be interesting to see how it contends with the other legends of the genre, but in the meantime, you can give it a go yourself by checking out either of the links below for free, as long as you’re located in Australia, New Zealand, or the Philippines.

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