Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategises on iPad

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategises on iPad

Koei's ancient Chinese tactical sim hit iPhone late last year in Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch. Now it's coming to iPad with graphics and an interface entirely retooled for the tablet's larger display.

Not wanting to conform to norms with an overused 'HD' moniker, developer Koei has slapped a 'Plus' suffix to signify the game's new resolution.

All your tactical data are sprayed around the screen with numbers and buttons and stats littering all edges of the playing field. Bang in the middle, though, you'll still find your colour-coded map of China, and your grid-based battle system.

It's all a bit too confusing for me, but RTK devotees will surely be impressed with the game's amount of content. You've got 255 characters to pick from, the ability to change abilities of any officer in the game, an extensive tutorial, and a massive glossary of terms.

Such content comes with quite the price tag, though. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch Plus will set you back £9.49 / $15.99 / €12.99.