Rollercoaster Revolution: 99 Tracks

If you need a reason to be scared of rollercoasters, look no farther than the opening scenes of the films House on Haunted Hill and Final Destination 3. As they prove, you only need a little bit of track to pop out of place at the wrong time and you're going to get less of a white knuckle ride and more of a ride through thin air to your death.

If you need even more reason than that to be scared of them though, try Rollercoaster Revolution, a game where the 'coaster controller (you) quite frequently gets carried away with the 'go fast' button and sends the cars hurtling straight off the tops of near vertical drops and overturning on loop-the-loops.

Fortunately there are subsequently none of the Final Destination style gruesome deaths or people getting sliced in half by bits of machinery as they fall - they're all equipped with umbrellas and go safely floating to the ground, and presumably off to call InjuryLawyers4U.

Rollercoaster Revolution is a simple game but a refreshingly fun one. As with the previous game in the series, Rollercoaster Rush, you only need two buttons - accelerate and brake - and, you all you need to do is guide the rollercoaster car from start to finish while getting the balance between scary fun for your passengers and safety just right.

Go too fast and your cars will crash and you'll have to start the level again, but go too slow and your passengers will leave the ride miserable.

To add to the challenge, there are Smile Tokens to collect on your fast, colourful journey round the tracks and these are placed in positions you can only reach if you're travelling at the right speed.

Total completion of this game collecting the maximum number of these tokens will take some time since the only way to get them all is through learning the level and using a bit of trial and error.

There's a bit more to consider than just the accelerator and the brake too. For starters there are three different types of rollercoaster, ranging from light to heavy, each better suited to different types of tracks.

While the light one is capable of picking up speed quicker and hurtling through the air in a fashion that probably wouldn't meet anyone's health and safety standards it's also likely to crash.

The heavy one, meanwhile, is less prone to flying off the rails but also less likely to gain enough speed to make it round any loop-the-loops. Some levels simply can't be completed with the wrong type of cart, while sometimes you'll just need to experiment with different ones to collect all the Smile Tokens.

As well as the cars, there are power-ups you can grab while flying along. These range from sticky wheels, which stick your cars to the tracks no matter what, to wings that enable you to fly through the air.

And there are also three different ways to play the game - on your own there's a Career and Survival mode, then there's Hot Seat multiplayer where you take turns with someone else to compete on performance.

All are fun, although it's a shame Survival doesn't have the instant restarts (without waiting for the loading screen) that Career does.

Rollercoaster Revolution is a gem of a game. It comes with smart, colourful visuals and some foot-tapping tunes, as well as - all-importantly - moreish gameplay that just keeps going (just like a runaway rollercoaster on a snapped track).

Rest assured this is Alton Towers quality, not Weston-Super-Mare pier.

Rollercoaster Revolution: 99 Tracks

Rollercoaster Revolution takes an original, quirky idea and turns it into a runaway success of a game. Raises a smile just like the real funfair
Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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