iPhone’s Rolando going cheap

Platinum iPhone game chops its price on the App Store

iPhone’s Rolando going cheap
| Rolando

Rolando is the only iPhone game so far that’s managed to land itself a Platinum Award - an ultra prestigious achievement by any gaming standards.

So it’s good news for anyone who’s not yet followed our advice and bagged themselves a copy from the App Store, as ngmoco just slashed the price to a very affordable £3.49.

The price cut comes as the hit game rolls off the bottom of iTunes’s top ten paid apps list, with the late starter iShoot suddenly being shunted to the number one spot after its Lite version was released.

Rolando is following a trend that’s permeating many of the top iPhone titles - cutting the price very soon after release to keep the momentum going.

The danger, of course, is in riling up those who paid full price only a week or two back. It could induce players to hold off on buying games upon release in the future.

Still, if you’ve not yet succumbed to Rolando’s charms, there’s never been a better time. Hit the ‘Buy It!’ button to get you there quicker.