Rolando 3 release date up in the air

Delayed? Cancelled? On holiday?

Rolando 3 release date up in the air

After being pegged for released before the end of 2009, it's looking highly unlikely that Rolando 3 will appear on the App Store before the ball drops in Times Square.

In fact, doubts are being raised as to the general status of Rolando 3.

Requests for comment regarding Rolando 3 weren't returned by ngmoco, which leaves us wondering if the game has been delayed or perhaps even cancelled.

A tweet by developer HandCircus claims its energy is devoted to a different project, not Rolando 3.

"Nothing to announce on the Rolando front at the moment - our main focus is Okabu now :)"

It seems unlikely that Rolando 3 would be shelved given praise for Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid, but the competitive holiday app season could have motivated ngmoco and Hand Circus to delay the game to a less crowded 2010 spring or summer release window.

We can't say for sure, though, without an official reply from either company. We'll naturally keep you posted.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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