Space trading sim Rogue Star is heading to a galaxy near you this March

Fight and flight

Space trading sim Rogue Star is heading to a galaxy near you this March
| Rogue Star

There's another space-trading sim in town.

No, its not David Braben's upcoming sequel Elite: Dangerous.

And, no, it isn't Celsius Games's yet-to-be-dated Drifter, either.

Nope, today we're eyeing the newly released trailer for Rogue Star, the proudly IAP-free interstellar combat trader from indie startup Redbreast Studios.

If you don't recognise the name of the studio, you might recognise some of the games its three-man team have worked on: Fable 2 and Fable 3, Dungeon Keeper, and Burnout. (See: thought you would.)

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Though Rogue Star is light years away from the world of fantasy RPGs and nitrous-propelled racers, the dev has been drawing fresh inspiration from genre classics like Tie Fighter, Red Baron, and Elite.

Players must guide their craft though an inhospitable star system, which the Galactic Federation has used as a dumping ground for its most unpleasant and least law-abiding citizens.

To survive, you'll need to barter with other traders to earn a buck. However, a potential dogfight is never far away, so it's essential to keep your eyes peeled for pirates to avoid being reduced to debris.

According to Rogue Star's official Twitter feed, the game should be swooping onto iPhone sometime in March, with iPad and Android versions to follow.