Get a tiny Star Citizen on iOS with new space epic Rogue Star

Trade, fight, conquer

Get a tiny Star Citizen on iOS with new space epic Rogue Star
| Rogue Star
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The long-awaited space exploration epic Rogue Star is now available on the App Store, and will set you back £3.99 / $4.99.

The game drops you into a star system that's teaming with space jerks, and asks you to stay alive, make money, choose whether to follow the law, and climb the ranks. The space ranks.

You'll engage in fast-paced ship to ship dogfights with bandits and scumbags, as you try to ferry valuable cargo across the galaxy. Will you risk high rewards by taking your goods through dangerous areas?

Rogue Star

To be perfectly honest, we don't know a huge about this one - RedBreast Studio's videos don't show a lot of gameplay and we only just got hands-on access with the game. But we'll have a full review soon enough.

If you can't wait, Rogue Star is available right here and costs £3.99 / $4.99. There are absolutely no adverts or in-app purchases.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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