Rocket Bot Royale, a Worms-inspired BR platformer, launching later this week

Rocket Bot Royale, a Worms-inspired BR platformer, launching later this week

Winterpixel Games, a new developer on the mobile front, has released its very first game. Rocket Bot Royale takes inspiration from the classic 2D turn-based party game Worms, as well as a little bit of flavour from the recent battle royale craze.

Rocket Bot Royale is an interesting looking title from both the gameplay featured in the trailer and also that description. To mix up the battle royale genre with the mechanics of worms is certainly interesting, at the very least. But, as strange as it sounds, it actually might be the perfect, accessible, multiplayer joyride you’ve been looking for.

As for how it actually plays, Rocket Bot Royale sees you playing as a zero-gravity tank. You’ll be put onto a map made up of a variety of floating islands, and you’ll hop from island to island blasting your opponents while also trying not to fall into the water below and become the final person standing. These islands will be very destructible, and there will also be equipment drops spread throughout the map to spice up both your loadout and your opponents as well.

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This all equals out into what looks to be a pretty exciting and easily understood PvP romp that could be played in short sessions, as the maps are small and contained. If you’ve felt that the third-person shooter battle royales were just a bit too much for you, but still wanted to see what all the fuss was about, Rocket Bot Royale hopes to help you see the light.

And see the light you can when it drops for both iOS and Android on April 21st. Until then, if you’re looking to get your hands on it early, there’s also currently an open beta version hosted on the web.

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