Turn-based freemium RPG Robotek HD lands on the iPad

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Turn-based freemium RPG Robotek HD lands on the iPad
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Having spent a few weeks on the Android Market, Hexage has now brought over its freemium title, Robotek, to the iPad.

Robotek HD is a combination of strategy, role-playing, and turn-based battling, wrapped up in a neon-lit universe of robots and machines.

Your aim is to re-conquer all the 'nodes' around the world by smashing up the enemy robots that now control them.

It's free to play for the most part, with extra Power (for your robots) able to buy via in-app purchases if you get impatient.

We had a look at the Android version on release and found it worthy of a Pocket Gamer silver award, so it comes highly recommended.

Robotek HD is out now on the App Store for free, and can be downloaded using the button below.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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