Roblox: A few tips for playing Super Golf in the game

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Roblox: A few tips for playing Super Golf in the game

Mini golf, Roblox style

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Roblox is one of those rare games that has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent times. Although the game released all the way back in 2006 for PC, it didn't really pick up steam until the last couple of years or so. Heck, it's been on iOS and Android since 2012 and 2014 respectively, so it's certainly been around for quite some time.

We have already covered a lot of Roblox content, including the Template shirts, login guide, what even is Roblox and how to play it, as well as a bunch of Roblox redeem codes!

The game is, well, a bunch of games within a game. Each of them is created by folks in the community and small developer teams. You'll create your own character who looks like a block-figure (hence the name) and then explore the many different games.

One of the great games that's included in Roblox is mini golf, and arguably the best one out there is Super Golf, getting the highest approval percentage for golf games. We'll give you a few tips when approaching this fun, but sometimes challenging mini golf game.

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Judge Your Power Well

There's a power meter in Roblox's Super Golf that is unique from many other golf games out there. In most games, you pull back and let go, sending the ball on its way. Here, you can adjust how much power you want on your shot, and then hit the button that gets the ball rolling.

This can be the ultimate factor in deciding how strong or weak your shot will be. A special thing of note is that the power is very sensitive, so keep this in mind on short putts. When you're still a long way away, however, feel free to let it rip and swing for the fences.

The biggest killer, as mentioned, is when you go for short putts. Definitely be sure you're very light on the power metre for those. Do that, and you'll be able to sink those with no problem. It's important if you're trying to get a decent score and also, you have to watch the clock. You want to roll the ball into the cup before the time expires.

Be Quick

We mentioned this at the end of the last tip but, this is a different kind of mini-golf game. You can't just take your time with each shot as there's a clock. Now, most golf games have clocks when you're playing online. The timer may reset after each shot though.

Here, you have a set amount of time to complete the entire hole. Sometimes, you get lucky where you'll be playing a shorter hole. But, if you're on a longer one, then get ready to try to be fast but also accurate. You want to get the ball to the hole, by any means necessary. Even if your score isn't good, it's better than not having a score at all.

This is what makes the game fun. It keeps you on your toes a bit. It's a bit of a race while also trying to be strategic as well, depending on the difficulty and length of the hole. Swing early and often so that way, you'll be closer to the hole by the time the timer drops a bit. Of course, just pay attention to obstacles.

Get Familiarized With The Ball Physics

Super Golf in Roblox is awesome and the ball physics is very good. However, it can sneak up and mess with you sometimes. One big thing is that the ball will tend to go straight backward after it ricochets off of a wall or border on each course.

Usually, you think there would be some slight spin causing the ball to go in a different direction. Not quite in this case. So, in short, be mindful of how the ball moves. It kind of goes back to what we said about hitting short putts in that, the power of your shots can be very sensitive.

Once you play enough rounds of golf, you should be used to how the ball moves. This is not necessarily a major game-changer, but understanding the physics may help you make some smart decisions with how to approach your shots on each course. Just like in real golf, the course presents challenges and so it's up to you to make the right calls.

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