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Hero's World codes [Update 4]

Hero's World codes [Update 4]
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Update: The game hardly has any active players, and no new codes have been released in months. Hence we have decided to retire this article.

On this page, you'll find every Hero's World code as well as information on how you can redeem them in-game. Keep in mind that these codes might only be available for a short time, so make sure to redeem them as soon as you can before you miss out on the rewards!

How to redeem the Hero's World codes

If you already know how this works, you can just skip this part and go straight to the codes section, but for anyone who doesn't know how to redeem codes in Hero's World, below we will describe the process. It's very easy, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

  • Launch the game and select play
  • Once you are in the main lobby, open the chat window. To do so, simply tap on the icon at the top left of your screen or hit the "/" key on your keyboard
  • Copy one of the codes from this page, paste them into the chatbox and just hit enter to send the message
  • That's all! If you did this correctly, you should receive your reward!

Working Hero's World codes

  • HELLO! - Rolls, Premium Rolls, & Cash
  • 20KLIKES! - Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • BACK! - Redeem for a Roll
  • CASH! - Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • VILLAIN! - Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • RELEASE! - 2 Rolls, 10 Premium Rolls, 2000$, Hair Color Re-roll
  • KING! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $5000
  • REVAMP1! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • BOSSDROP! - 10 Rolls, 5 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • SHUTDOWNCODE4! - 4000$, 4 Rolls
  • NAMELESS! - Rolls, Premium Rolls, & Cash
  • UPDATE3! - 2000$, 10 Rolls
  • RAIDFIX! - 5 Rolls, 5 Preimum Rolls and $2000
  • CHRISTMASUPDATE2! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • CHRISTMASUPDATESHUTDOWN! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 3 Premium Re-rolls, $5000

Hero's World expired codes

  • RYUKTON! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • UNRIOCHIEF1! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • BUSON! - Hair Color Re-roll, 5 Rolls, 10 Premium Re-rolls, $2000
  • CLUTCH – Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • UPDATEEE – Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • NEWBOSSES – Rolls, Premium Rolls and Cash
  • ARENA!
  • SORRY!
  • 2000LIKES!
  • 2500LIKES!
  • 3500LIKES!
  • ICE!

About the game

Hero's World is an action-adventure game on Roblox, developed by Venture - Studios. It was released on November 21st, 2020, and, as of today, it has over 1.8 million visits.

In Hero's World, Robloxians get to create their very own character and embark on an adventure into a world filled with powerful enemies. Completing various quests will reward you with experience points to level up your character and make it even more powerful, by raising its stats and acquiring new skills!

How to get more codes?

If you want to learn all the latest news about Hero's World, you can join the game's Discord server. Also, by joining Venture-Studios and GrandFinale groups, you can earn some nice in-game perks! 

Of course, you should always check back on this page as we will update our list whenever the developers issue a new code!

If you are an avid Robloxian, check out our "Roblox codes - Complete list of redeem codes" page to find more codes for all your favourite games! 

If we missed a code, or one of the codes on our list has expired, please let us know in the comment section down below! 

Original article by Mihail Katsoris, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.