5 Dreams alternatives to play on mobile

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5 Dreams alternatives to play on mobile

Get creative, Dreams style, anywhere you go #MadeInDreams

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If you, like many of us, enjoy browsing twitter along with dozens upon dozens of other fevered gamers, then you may have noticed a few creations from the upcoming Dreams pop up in your feed. A recent picture shared which even made sites like Polygon report on it was an ultra-realistic full English breakfast - and I would be lying if typing out that last sentence didn't make me hungry.

Dreams is the kind of game that allows you to create anything - literally anything. It's essentially a playable, consumer-ready game engine for anyone to enjoy, and that is mind-bending in its own right. A game engine which teaches you as you use it, and allows you to fulfil absolutely any idea you have, without any prior experience or training? That's as insane as it is wonderful. And we would love to get the same thing done on mobile, thank you very much.

Now that we've all seen a bunch of creations tagged with Made In Dreams (or #MadeInDreams if you are, indeed, very online) it's tempting to get creating ourselves, but we can't do so on mobile unless we get remote play working, and that's not exactly the desired effect, honestly. But Dreams isn't the only creative game on the market.

This is an incredible follow up to Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet, most definitely, but it's not the only way to enjoy this kind of creative freedom, and there are dozens of games out there that you can play which offer deep, interesting, and sometimes complicated creation tools for you to flex your creativity. And right here, we're listing off just a few of them.

The following games are all interesting and engaging in their own right - they might not be up to the same standard that Dreams promises, but they are most certainly worth jumping into whenever you have the chance. Download these games on your mobile device (or, indeed, Nintendo Switch) right now, and get creating. Don't forget to leave your own creations and suggestions for creative games in the comments below while you're at it.

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Roblox is like a basic Dreams, in many ways. It's a game that allows you to create games, and to that end, it has seemingly limitless possibilities. Perhaps not quite on the same scale, but the core concept is definitely there.

You could spend hours every single day for the rest of your life downloading and testing a variety of Roblox games that the community have created, and you are unlikely to ever run out. Admittedly there have been some controversies in the Roblox community about creators not getting their just rewards, but for the purposes of this list, it fits right in.


Mekorama is a simple isometric puzzle game which uses basic blocks and physics to push players towards a goal. The simple viewpoint and concept make it absolutely perfect for players to flex their own creative muscle, too.

These tiny puzzle dioramas are reminiscent of the likes of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Switch, though admittedly the ones we find in this game are a bit more basic, but that makes it perfect for our own creative vision.


Isorama is a simple isometric puzzle game which uses basic blocks and physics to push players towards a- wait a minute, what? This looks an awful lot like Mekorama, doesn't it? Sounds like it too.

I would honestly be lying if I told you I knew what was going on here, Isorama appears to simply be a more recent clone of Mekorama, but that does mean there's plenty of room for new players to become the most known creators in the community before things take off…

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an initially simple, but increasingly complex, platformer which pushes your skills to the limits. A lot like the classic The Impossible Game, Geometry Dash forces you to memorise levels while moving along to a musical beat.

It's simple fun, but things get far more interesting once you have custom stages involved. This way you can make the game as easy, or as challenging, as you would like, and there are few things more fun than challenging your friends to play through a near impossible task.

Super Mario Maker 2

This isn't a mobile game, I know, but it is available on a handheld, so it fits the remit. What kind of introduction is necessary for 2D Mario games, right? These are the progenitor of the modern 2D platformer, and in Super Mario Maker 2 you can essentially create any 2D Mario stage you desire. It's that simple.

You could recreate classic Mario stages from older games, or you can create something entirely new and mind-melting. The creativity on display in this game is astonishing, on the same kind of level as Minecraft, and it is an absolutely essential platformer, whether you're a creative, or simply a player.

Oh yeah, pretend Minecraft was on this list too. That's a good one.

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