Rule your own Roman empire in strategy title Rise of Rome [sponsored]

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Rule your own Roman empire in strategy title Rise of Rome [sponsored]
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Rise of Rome is an historic simulation game in which you’re tasked with choosing between three factions (Julius Caesar, Scipio Africanus, Marcus Junius Brutus) and building a successful and prosperous empire.

Naturally, this involves fighting opposing factions and taking their resources, which can then be used to further develop your city and train an even bigger army

There's a huge focus on battles in Rise of Rome, and there are eight different battle formations (Invincible Defence Formation, Siege Formation, Wedge Formation, Circular Formation, Pendulum Formation, Snake Formation, Crescent Formation, and Hexagon Formation) to choose from - all of which offer unique abilities.

Rise of Rome also features a rather interesting 'corps system' that allows you to form alliances with other lords in the same faction and even share information and socialise with them. You can even use this feature to develop your city, thanks to corps science and technology.

We recently sat down with publisher RNTS Media, and chatted about Rise of Rome. Here's what was said.

Pocket Gamer: What games (if any) served as inspiration for Rise of Rome?

After the success of Clash of Clans, many developers began to create imitations. Many mobile gamers have the opinion that these aren't enjoyable and only the graphics and the name of the game have changed.

So, we believe that the game has to get out of the shadow of Clash of Clans - as it then can be considered a great game that isn't just another Clash of Clans clone.

What do you think sets Rise of Rome apart from the other simulation/strategy titles available on the App Store and Google Play?

Firstly, Rise of Rome has the advantage of being a historical strategy game.

Rise of Rome follows the growth of the Roman Empire empire, and players can collect historic heroes like Julius Caesar, Octavian, Scipio Africanus, and Hannibal, as well as the infamous Spartacus and Cleopatra.

Secondly, players can experience 72 different army classes, which include soldiers, elephants, and stone throwers, not to mention the envoy army, long spear cavalry, spearmen, and trebuchets.

Which part of Rise of Rome are you personally the most proud of and why?

We think that Rise of Rome's hero system is the best feature that other similar games don't have.

Many strategy games, including Clash of Clans, require players to build different structures to make an army or heroes, but in Rise of Rome, you choose your hero at the beginning of the game and level up your army as you play through the game's History mode.

It's a completely different system that puts all players on a level playing field, regardless of whether or not they spend money on the game.

Do you plan to extend the life of Rise of Rome with updates? If so, what content do you have planned?

Yes, we plan to update Rise of Rome.

We would like to give paying players the chance to win big items in the Roman Coliseum. Through the coliseum, players will be able to earn the highest ranked items in Rise of Rome. However, there will be a time limit in the coliseum and the probability of receiving these rare and powerful items from random drops will be low.

This update will likely be released in October.

Do you plan to release Rise of Rome on any other mobile or handheld platforms in the future?

We don't currently have plans to expand Rise of Rome to other mobile platforms. If we were to expand, however, we'd likely create a version of Rise of Rome for Amazon.

What payment model (paid, free-to-play, etc) have you chosen for Rise of Rome? Why did you choose this payment model, and did you consider any other models during development?

We don't have a strategy or a marketing plan for paid games since there isn't a successful case in Korea. So, we create all of our games using the freemium model.

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