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Rise of Kingdoms city hall upgrade requirements and designs

Rise of Kingdoms city hall upgrade requirements and designs

Like many strategists who've walked the path of base-building games, you probably want to know what the deal is with Rise of Kingdoms, and all of the secrets within. The game offers all the familiar features of such mobile strategy games, but today we're going to talk about the Rise of Kingdoms City Hall, and everything that you need to know about it; from upgrading times and costs to some of the best unique designs. 

What is the City Hall in RoK?

The City Hall is the most important building in the game, to say the least. This structure will dictate the maximum level of every other building in your city, and so you need to make sure that you're always leveling it up whenever possible.

This building is the one most enemies will try to destroy whenever they attack your base (or anyone else's for that matter), so it's important to have troops trained in order to keep it safe. 

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There are also some benefits you'll get whenever you upgrade it, such as one-time rewards (based on the level of the City Hall), and access to new buildings and decorations.

RoK City Hall upgrade levels and requirements

Use the table below to find all the information you need when it comes to upgrading your CH. 
1  -  2000  7  -
2 Lumber Mill
Archery Range
Scout Camp
 -  3000 3.5k Food
3.5k Wood
 2s  21  10k Food, Wood
1x 5m Speedup
3 Farm
Alliance Center
 Wall lvl 2  4000 6.5k Food
6.5k Wood
5m   59 20k Food, Wood
2x 5m Speedup
4 Quarry
Wall lvl 3  5000  11.8k Food
11.8k Wood
20m   154 30k Food, Wood
3x 5m Speedup

Lumber Mill
Siege Workshop 
Dispatch Queue

Wall lvl 4
Hospital lvl 4
 7000  21.3k Food
21.3k Wood
 1h  383 40k Food, Wood, Stone
1x 30m Speedup
6  Farm
Courier Station
Wall lvl 5
Scout Camp lvl 5
 9000  36.3k Food
36.3k Wood
12k Stone
 2h  852 50k Food, Wood, Stone
2x 30m Speedup
7  Quarry
Wall lvl 6
Storehouse lvl 6
 12000  54.4k Food
54.4k Wood
19.2k Stone
 5h 1847  50k Food, Wood, Stone
5x 30m Speedup
8 Lumber Mill
T2 troops
 Wall lvl 7
Barracks lvl 7
 15000  81.8k Food
81.8k Wood
30.8k Stone
10h   3706 50k Food, Wood, Stone
2x 2h Speedup
9  Hospital
Wall lvl 8
Alliance Center lvl 8 
 19000  122.8k Food
122.8k Wood
49.2k Stone
15h 6504 50k Food, Wood, Stone
1x 24h Speedup
10 Quarry
Trading Post
 Wall lvl 9
Academy lvl 9
 23000 184.3k Food
184.3k Wood
78.7k Stone
 1d  10933 50k Food, Wood, Stone
10k Gold
Civilization Change
11  Lumber Mill
Dispatch Queue
 Wall lvl 10
Hospital lvl 10
 28000 277.5k Food
277.5k Wood
120k Stone
 1d6h  16723

50k Food, Wood
11x 10m Build Speedup
11x 10m Train Speedup

12  Goldmine  Wall lvl 11
Storehouse lvl 11
 33000 417.5k Food
417.5k Wood
180k Stone
 1d16h  24693 100k Food, Wood
12x 10m Build Speedup
12x 10m Train Speedup
13  Quarry  Wall lvl 12
Archery Range lvl 12
 38000 627.5k Food
627.5k Wood
270k Stone
 2d2h  35213 100k Food, Wood
13x 10m Build Speedup
13x 10m Train Speedup
14  Goldmine  Wall lvl 13
Alliance Center lvl 13
Trading Post lvl 13
 44000 942.5k Food
942.5k Wood
405k Stone
 2d12h 48838 100k Stone, Gold
14x 10m Build Speedup
14x 10m Train Speedup
15 Hospital  Wall lvl 14
Scout Camp lvl 14
 50000 1.4m Food
1.4m Wood
607.5k Stone
2d22h 66400 100k Food, Wood
15x 10m Build Speedup
15x 10m Train Speedup
16 Goldmine
T3 troops
 Wall lvl 15
Academy lvl 15
 57000 2.1m Food
2.1m Wood
912.5k Stone
4d 91451 100k Stone
10k Gold
1x 7d Speedup
100 Gems
17 Dispatch Queue  Wall lvl 16
Hospital lvl 16
 64000 3.2m Food
3.2m Wood
1.4m Stone
4d20h  125005 100k Food, Wood
17x 10m Build Speedup
17x 10m Train Speedup
18 -  Wall lvl 17
Storehouse lvl 17
 72000 4.8m Food
4.8m Wood
2.1m Stone
5d20h 170590 100k Stone
20k Gold
18x 10m Build Speedup
18x 10m Train Speedup
19 -  Wall lvl 18
Stable lvl 18
 80000 7.2m Food
7.2m Wood
3.1m Stone
7d 232957 100k Food, Wood
19x 10m Build Speedup
19x 10m Train Speedup
20 -  Wall lvl 19
Alliance Center lvl 19
 90000 10.8m Food
10.8m Wood
4.7m Stone
8d6h 318769 100k Stone
20k Gold
20x 10m Build Speedup
20x 10m Train Speedup
21 T4 troops  Wall lvl 20
Academy lvl 20
 100000 16.2m Food
16.2m Wood
7m Stone
11d 442735 100k Food, Wood
1x 7d Speedup
200 Gems
22 Dispatch Queue  Wall lvl 21
Hospital lvl 21
 110000 24.3m Food
24.3m Wood
10.6m Stone
17d3h 630860 100k Stone
20k Gold
22x 10m Build Speedup
22x 10m Train Speedup
23 -  Wall lvl 22
Storehouse lvl 22
 120000 36.5m Food
36.5m Wood
15.9m Stone
 23d23h 907085 150k Food, Wood
23x 10m Build Speedup
23x 10m Train Speedup
24 -  Wall lvl 23
Siege Workshop lvl 23
 130000 54.8m Food
54.8m Wood
24m Stone
 36d  1322485 150k Stone
30k Gold
24x 10m Build Speedup
24x 10m Train Speedup
25 T5 troops  Wall lvl 24
Trading Post lvl 24
 150000 82.2m Food
82.2m Wood
36m Stone
1 Master's Blueprint
 126d8h  2195458 200k Stone
50k Gold
1x Master's Blueprint
500 Gems

Important info

  • All of the timers shown above are before the construction speed bonus effects granted by the construction speed research - with full upgrades, you will have around 7-8 days to complete Castle Hall level 25. 
  • You can buy one Master's Blueprint for 2500 Gems - if you don't already have one, make sure you have enough Gems.
  • Before you use ANY Speedups, make sure you ask for help from your Alliance - it's going to save you a ton of Speedups! 

Rise of Kingdoms city hall layout

City Hall designs - are they worth it? 

There are several unique designs for the City Hall which can be unlocked either through Gems and premium methods or by reaching certain levels with the City Hall. The unique designs will grant additional buffs, so if you ever decide to change your classic one for another, you can check the available ones by tapping on the City Hall, then on the tower button. 

There is no particularly best or worst design, since the buffs they grant are all varied - some offer troop defense, while others buff the cavalry's attack. You need to take all these elements into consideration whenever you decide to change the CH design (if you're not doing it solely for aesthetic reasons). 

We hope that you found our RoK city hall guide useful! If you're not sure about what RoK commanders you should pick, or what's the best civilization in the game, consult our guides!

Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
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