RIse of Kingdoms' Egypt Must Rise update is live now

RIse of Kingdoms' Egypt Must Rise update is live now

Rise of Kingdoms is Lilith Games’ real-time strategy MMO, and its latest update just went live and it features a brand new civilization. The creators of AFK Arena and Warpath have added the Ancient Egyptian civilisation to Rise of Kingdoms. The update has been called Egypt Must Rise and will feature a new army of Egyptians from the past who will take part in historically accurate wars that make use of both Egypt’s strength and inventiveness. Check out the trailer for Egypt Must Rise below.

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The Egyptian civilisation has an extremely rich history full of leaders and Pharaohs, some of whom will make their way into Rise of Kingdoms in the latest update. These include the architect of the pyramids and high priest, Imhotep, and the Warrior King –Thutmose III, who will feature as Commanders in the game. Alongside them, players will be able to experience the new civilization and help them grow and flourish.

Ancient Egypt was ruled by the likes of Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, and other such Pharaohs and Queens whose reign lasted for nearly 30 long centuries, before the former Macedonian king, Alexander the Great conquered the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. His conquest took place in 332 BC, where he took over his diverse civilization that was known for its power, intelligence, style, and strategic capabilities.

Besides the new Egyptian civilization, Rise of Kingdoms’ latest update also introduces true cross-platform for its mobile and PC users. Players will now be able to take part in skirmishes and expand their army from the PCs sitting in their homes or from anywhere in the world thanks to mobile. If you’re ready to take charge of the Egyptian civilization, then download Rise of Kingdoms for free by tapping on one of the links below.

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