Rise of Cultures latest event takes players through the world of the Celtic civilization

Rise of Cultures latest event takes players through the world of the Celtic civilization

InnoGames has announced a new event coming to their mobile strategy game Rise of Cultures. Players can welcome the Celtic empire, who were famous builders and craftsmen, best known for making colourful wooden textiles. The event will run until April 3rd and will feature quest giver Aedan and his forge. Everyone must lend him a hand to take part in this year’s Celtic event.

Players can progress through Rise of Culture’s Celtic event by completing different quests assigned by Aedan. These missions, coupled with daily login rewards will provide everyone with numerous Triskele Tokens that can be exchanged for chests that contain special rewards. They may also contain molten metal that will be added to a particular sword mold.

On collecting enough molten metal, players will win the Celtic Broch Evolution Token. This will reset the bar and players can collect the metal once again to refill the mold for greater prizes. The Celtic Broch Evolution Token is required to build the infamous Celtic Broch, a building with 40 levels that produces food, coins, or a barrack refill item, while also providing research points.

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Multiple daily special rewards will also be given out during Rise of Culture’s Celtic event. This will feature temporary customizations that can be added to regular buildings to give them a Celtic makeover and others that will increase building output and add extra production or boost. Collecting all Celtic event customizations will provide players with additional rewards, so keep looking!

If you want to immerse yourself in the Celtic civilization, then download Rise of Cultures for free on the App Store and Google Play. The event will run for over two weeks until April 3rd, leaving players with enough time to collect all exclusive rewards.

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Tanish Botadkar
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