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Satirical strategy game Rip Them Off now available on Google Play

It came to iOS last year

Satirical strategy game Rip Them Off now available on Google Play
| Rip Them Off

Lozange Lab has released its tower defense puzzle game Rip Them Off on Android devices after an earlier release on iOS last September. The game is now available from both the App Store and Google Play.

Rip Them Off is set in a capitalist world where fancy commercial businesses and high-rise buildings thrive. Citizens flow along a conveyor belt, looking to make their next expensive purchase, and it is your job to manage the flow as effectively as possible in order to satisfy The Board who expect great profits.

Each stage of the game has you fill empty buildings with different businesses, each with their own capacity and expected profit margins, so it becomes a game all about trying to work out the correct order which will maximise your earnings and ensuring the traffic flow of consumers isn’t disrupted. As you keep playing, the levels add new complications to make things tougher.

Rip Them Off is a mix of business management and tower defense, making it pretty difficult to work out where each business should go. But that’s all a part of the challenge.

It’s also drastically different from regular tower defense games, where you’d normally be defending some kind of base from invading enemies, you are instead embracing them as you try to rinse as much money from them as possible.

Rip Them Off is available to download now from Google Play for Android, but it’s also been available on the iOS App Store since last September. You can grab it for the price of £3.99.

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