Rifts Ships in Time for Gifts

The epic role-playing game has made its way into shops in time for seasonal shoppers

Rifts Ships in Time for Gifts

Rifts: Promise of Power has been released by Nokia and promises to be quite a hit. Mixing the tried and true RPG standards of dungeons and dragons with big shiny robots and laser guns, it’s an enticing prospect.

As are most games of this ilk, Rifts is set hundreds of years in the future, where the wiping out of millions of human lives releases massive waves of psychic energy. These magical energies surge across the Earth, creating tears in the fabric of space and time called "rifts," and triggering a domino effect that obliterates civilization (wouldn’t you just know it?). Through the rifts, magical and monstrous creatures from other worlds invade our planet, reshaping the landscape into something mutable and fantastic.

You play one of the human survivors, pitched against the mix of olde-worlde monsters and futuristic gunslingers and you can find out more soon, when Pocket Gamer posts its verdict in the coming days.