Rifts Mini-Site Goes Live

Are we looking at this summer’s sleeper hit on the N-Gage? It’s a distinct possibility…

Rifts Mini-Site Goes Live

The Rifts Megaverse, a popular American pen-and-paper role-playing game system similar to the Fighting Fantasy books we enjoy here in Blighty, is to get its own game on the Nokia N-Gage. Scheduled for launch later this summer, the game is faithful to the world created by Rifts author Kevin Siembieda (come on, you knew it would be a guy called Kevin) that’s set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. A massive cataclysm has opened up rifts in space-time, through which are arriving all manner of intergalactic ne’er-do-wells that are now settling down on our green planet. What this means to you is big guns, futuristic cyborgs battle armour and ugly alien invaders, as you play a human adventurer fighting for the future of the Earth.

The game features two playing modes, one in real-time in which you’re searching for answers, taking on quests and interacting with computer and non-computer players alike (a Bluetooth multiplayer mode is underway). The second is a turn-based combat system that kicks in when the locals get feisty and enables you to control a team of up to 3 characters as you face off against various nasties.

Rifts is a promising concept and you can learn more about it at the new mini-site for the game With more announcements surrounding the game being made at this May’s E3 tradeshow in LA, stay tuned to Pocket Gamer for the latest updates.