Classic Amiga platformer Rick Dangerous comes to the iPhone

Retro Indiana Jones spoof is back with a bang

Classic Amiga platformer Rick Dangerous comes to the iPhone
| Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous, the eponymous hero from Core Design's 1989 platformer classic, comes armed with a few sticks of dynamite, a pistol and an all new iPhone adaptation.

Amiga-nauts who've recently been enjoying the revamp of Flashback will be delighted to hear about the return of Rick Dangerous from French developer Magic Team.

The game essentially sends up Indiana Jones, as the squat hero puzzles his way through the Amazon, Egypt, and some Nazi-held strongholds in 1945.

This sudden reappearance of the 16-bit home computer classic comes with updated graphics and sound, along with an all new intro and cut scenes, as well as some rather chunky onscreen D-pad controls.

Rick Dangerous was a tough game on the Amiga, but a damnably entertaining one, so let us know if your retro addiction got the better of you this weekend and you've taken to the caves with our old friend Rick.
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