Reverse: 1999, Bluepoch Games' time-travelling RPG, has begun its first round of beta testing

Reverse: 1999, Bluepoch Games' time-travelling RPG, has begun its first round of beta testing

Bluepoch Games recently kicked off the first closed beta test for the time-travelling strategy RPG, Reverse: 1999. It’s available for a few more days and offers players access to a sneak peek of the game’s captivating storyline. The title’s new story trailer has also been embedded below, and it gives a good look at what players can expect.

Titled the Utopia Test, Reverse: 1999’s CBT is available on Android, iOS, and PC. It features the prologue section as well as the game’s first three chapters. These quests set the stage by introducing players to the protagonist – Vertin, the timekeeper. This is followed by a crash course on the swinging sixties so familiarise everything with the game and its premise.

The prologue sees players interact with Vertin’s assistant and friend, Sonetto, who will help them in building a powerful team. The first addition is the pirate radio DJ Regulus in London, who’s on the run from the Manus Vindictae. The latter is a mysterious arcanist cult and it’s best to steer extremely clear of them.

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Chapters one and two go way back in time to New York in 1929. It was an important period in history as the Roaring 20s were ending with strict restrictions on the liquor and potion trade. The Storm stirred up some trouble here, leading to the great Wall Street crash. Players will encounter loads of anarchy as they learn about the Italian arcane gunslinger, Schneider.

Finally, chapter three brings the focus back to Vertin, as we learn more about this past and the School of Primary Defence of Mankind. The latter is a school for anarchist children, where they are prepared for a conflict that is yet to come. It remains to be seen if they actually care about mankind or not.

If you're interested in Reverse: 1999, check out the official website for more information.

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