Retro Bowl celebrates Super Bowl Sunday with the addition of the new Exhibition game mode

Retro Bowl celebrates Super Bowl Sunday with the addition of the new Exhibition game mode
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To celebrate the Super Bowl, the retro American football simulation game Retro Bowl has announced a brand new game mode being added. Exhibition Mode will allow you to engage in a special one-off match, where you can either play against an AI opponent, or pass-and-play using your mobile device to play locally with a friend. This could be an excellent way to celebrate the occasion with your Super Bowl watch party, so don’t miss out!

Retro Bowl is exactly what it sounds like: a mobile game that harkens back to titles like Tecmo Bowl or the classic Madden franchise. Using a pixelated 2D art style along with teams from all over the league, there are a lot of options in how you want to square off against your opponents, be that with the in-game AI or some of your buddies.

It’s an American football game through and through, seeing you participate in the classic four-quarter style of game, choosing which plays to run between every down. You control the entire team by picking which player you interact with as the play runs on, so there’s a good bit of strategy built in here too.

Now, with the Exhibition Mode, you can play some lower-stakes style of matches without all the bells and whistles of Career Mode and the other included game modes. This is as straightforward as the game gets, allowing you to simply pick a team to play against and go from there until the match ends and whichever one of you wins.

This update comes right in time for Super Bowl Sunday, so if you’re looking for a cool way to get involved in some football action yourself alongside your friends over for the party, why not give Retro Bowl a go for free at either of the links below?

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