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Remore: Infested Kingdom - what to expect from this turn-based gothic horror RPG

Remore: Infested Kingdom - what to expect from this turn-based gothic horror RPG

Thrust into a medieval world where a horrifying infestation has taken over the land, you'll have to battle your way through all manner of atrocities to survive in Remore: Infested Kingdom, Webzen's turn-based tactical RPG where "every step you take could be your last". When push comes to shove, do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

A gothic horror for the ages

In Remore: Infested Kingdom, you're burdened with the impossible task of trying to survive a desolate land plagued with unspeakable terrors lurking around every corner. While this hardcore RPG might seem overwhelming at first, fret not. Stages are littered with supplies you can use to help you keep the monsters at bay - that is, if you can get to them in one piece.

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Epic turn-based terror

To spice up the gameplay for those who are eager to put their survival skills to the test, the game offers wary foes who will be alerted at the slightest movement - one wrong move can turn the tide of battle against your favour, as enemies can chase you, grab, you, and take you by surprise.

Of course, you can always use these triggers to your advantage by distracting them with stones and barricades, then take control of the battlefield. There are more than 14 types of historical weapons to wield, and it's up to you to maximise each unique skill.

Take a quick breather, then dive into battle again

During your downtime, you can also cook any food that you collect along the way, as any warrior needs to take a break every once in a while. These food items can replenish your health and offer special bonuses for the next brutal battles ahead.

You can also craft weapons, repair broken ones, and reinforce your gear via the Blacksmith NPC in the camp. Plus, the Scavenger NPC can come in handy when you're in a pinch - sending this out will help you discover key items that will be invaluable in your adventure.

Steam Next Fest demo

If you're keen on getting your hands on the game ahead of its release, Remore: Infested Kingdom will be available to play as a free demo during Steam Next Fest on June 19th. The indie game is developed by Korean studio Black Anchor, and you'll have until June 26th to see if you can handle fending off the infested swarms coming your way within the game. It also offers multi-language support in English and Korean.

As for the demo, you'll be able to play through 3 stages, which include Blackthorn Village and the Monastery on top of the tutorial. There will also be 3 playable characters to choose from - knight-errant William, militia Edwin, and veteran warrior Diurmuid.

For now, you can learn more about Remore: Infested Kingdom on the official website, on the official Twitter page, and on Steam.

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