Squad Busters hits a new milestone with a whopping 30 million pre-registrations

The game is the first of Supercell's to go to global launch in half a decade

Squad Busters hits a new milestone with a whopping 30 million pre-registrations
  • Squad Busters, Supercell's latest upcoming title, has surpassed 30 million pre-registrations
  • This comes merely a week after the last 20m pre-registration milestone
  • Supercell fans can now claim exclusive rewards in the developer's other games to celebrate

Squad Busters, Supercell's upcoming mix of MOBA and RTS has hit over 30 million pre-registrations the developer has announced. Bringing together numerous characters from across the Cellverse, including games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, Squad Busters will be Supercell's global launch in over five years.

This latest milestone comes after Squad Busters hit 20 million pre-registrations last week. Even better, that now means that Supercell fans can claim exclusive rewards in the likes of Clash of Clans and Hay Day to celebrate this latest record. It all points to the fact that Squad Busters may be a new, seismic chapter in Supercell's history.

What's so big about Busters?

While we covered this in its own article, we'll go over why Squad Busters' global launch is so important in brief. Essentially, Supercell has always stated their objective is to make games that reach the $1 billion mark, and those that underperform are typically cancelled before a global launch. While this has led to some interesting games failing to make the cut, it does mean the Finnish developer has simply pivoted their different teams (or cells, geddit?) onto different projects for a continual cycle of new developments.

However, Squad Busters has received such strong feedback even before launch that Supercell has taken an unprecedented step and gone ahead with a global launch after only a few rounds of regional betas. This means that come Squad Buster's worldwide launch on May 29th, it may be well on its way to being the most unprecedented hit in Supercell's history.

In the meantime, there's a whole host of new games already released for mobile. Why not check out our review of RPG roguelike Loop Hero to see if this retro adventure is for you?

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