REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS gaming earbuds review - "Looks and performance that can take the breath away"

What is it about transparent cases and RGB lights that instantly scream "gamer" no matter what the situation? Nubia's REDMAGIC brand is no stranger to that proud gamer badge that it wears on its sleeve with every new product, and the Cyberbuds DAO TWS gaming earbuds are no exception.

Boasting a sleek futuristic design and powerhouse performance in such a tiny package, the wireless earphones fit nicely and snugly into that specific aesthetic (and into my bag). But underneath all the bells and whistles, does it actually add value to a mobile gamer's arsenal, or is it just another pretty little thing you don't really need?


The premium unboxing experience is something I've already come to expect from the brand, with the gorgeous metallic box and the minimalist REDMAGIC logo on the sides. The acrylic window on the box itself already gives you a sneak peek at the beauty inside - but it's upon actually opening the box that the wow factor really hits.

The charging case has an elegant transparent cover that you can slide to either side to unveil the earbuds within. Both earbuds rock that transparent look all too well. You can really see all the cool ins and outs of the tech inside, with the "dao" character that lights up upon popping the earbuds out of the case - there's a handy guide on how to take the pieces out of the case too, just in case you're fumbling around for the first time.

Snapping the earbuds back onto the case is a convenient and satisfying affair thanks to the magnetic lock, and while all that might sound pretty amazing so far, it's what's underneath the case that's the real clincher here.

Much to my surprise, the package comes with a hefty base that doubles as a charging station and a light-up display (or a fancy paperweight, given its premium feel). I can connect this base to any USB port using the included Type-C to USB-A or Type-C to Type-C cable to charge the charging case, or plug in the included dongle (rocking the transparent look too, by the way) and marvel at the RGB lights that definitely flickered and flashed their way into my heart when they came to life.

I'm not even kidding. The base can cycle different lighting effects that can be toggled using the knob on the base, which you can also use to adjust the volume, toggle the Game Mode or Music Mode, and switch off the Dongle. The base alone kept me ooh-ing and aah-ing - so much so that it almost made me forget about the actual earbuds sitting on my desk to one side.


Of course, no matter how much I wanted to put the base on display and leave it flickering its gradient lights in the background on my nightstand, the real point of this product review is the earbuds. Thankfully, they're just as worthy of oohs and aahs, as the Goper app lets you tinker around with the earbuds' own RGB lights and the settings of the Active Noice Cancellation.

Connecting the earbuds is a seamless affair. Simply slide open the lid of the charging case and the earbuds will go right into Bluetooth pairing mode.

For the sake of transparency, I had a hellish time connecting mine for the first time because there was this tiny plastic film on the tips of the earbuds that I didn't know I had to peel off for the connection to go smoothly. I'm the type of person who usually keeps plastic films on to keep my gadgets protected until I absolutely have to peel them off, but for the love of all that's good and holy, take the plastic off for this one - don't be like me.

Once the earbuds are connected to your device (only one device at a time, sadly), you can use your Goper app to customise how you want them to perform. Interestingly, apart from the typical equalizer and the battery indicators, you can also adjust the level of noise reduction you want, which is an absolute godsend in my opinion.

I, for one, don't really like it if my peripherals block out the sounds around me completely when I'm out in public - it's always best to still be able to hear incoming sounds around you for safety purposes. With the REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS, you can choose to set the ANC to Transparent mode to make sure you're aware of your surroundings, or you can adjust the level of Noise Reduction from Self-adaptive, Minor, Balance, or Depth.

When I plugged the comfortable earbuds on and snuggled in bed for a cosy gaming sesh, I did try to set the ANC to the maximum level. Lo and behold, everything vacuumed to silence, and for a while, it was just me and Axel busting thugs' butts on Streets of Rage as the storm raged on outside (literally - a tropical typhoon was going on at the time). I couldn't hear the heavy downpour battering against the roof. All I could hear was every smack and pop each time I hit an enemy and the funky music in the background.

REDMAGIC claims that the earbuds can go for up to seven hours on a single charge, running on Qualcomm's latest Bluetooth 5.3, Qualcomm S5. It also boasts high-resolution wireless gold standard certification by the Japan Audio Society, and honestly, the audio quality came through perfectly whether I was gaming hard or just bopping my head to the beat of Lofi tunes at the end of the day.


I didn't particularly feel any kind of lag while I was playing games with the earbuds on, especially since there's a low-latency mode you can toggle to make sure everything is in sync. I did, however, have a hard time fiddling with the touch controls, as I always do no matter what the brand. I've just never been a fan of touch controls on earbuds - adjusting them on my ear always leads to activating some tap function that I wasn't even trying to activate in the first place. Your mileage may vary, of course, but personal preference dictates that the touch controls alone kind of mark down the product for me.

Toggling the different functions and modes on the earbuds also alerts you with this notification where a futuristic robot-like voice tells you which mode you're on at the moment. I understand it's to add to the sci-vibe of the whole package, but it did feel a little tacky for me - I would've appreciated some indicator sounds instead without any voices, as that would've been more elegantly presented.

The in-ear detection is a welcome boon, however - I like that plucking off either the left or the right earbud can pause the music (as opposed to just one specific earbud for other brands). I also found the Mandarin characters for "right" and "left" very, very cool - of course, I did study the language in school given my mixed heritage, and these two basic characters are still familiar to me. I'm not too sure how this would appeal to those who can't read the language though, as the Mandarin characters have replaced the typical R and L indicators completely.

The package also includes a lovely portable pouch, protective films for the case (protective films!), and a variety of differently-sized earbud tips. To be honest, the charging case itself is already pretty stunning to me, so I don't see why you'd want to use the pouch (it's still a nice touch, though).

REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS gaming earbuds review - "Looks and performance that can take the breath away"

The REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS gaming earbuds have the internal chops to really be a mobile gamer's best friend when it comes to audio peripherals, and it's got the looks to match too. I wish there were some way to turn off the touch controls for clumsy users like me, but I suppose I can't have it all, can I?
Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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