Idea Factory's tactical RPG Record of Agarest War sneaks its way onto the App Store

With HD graphics in tact

Idea Factory's tactical RPG Record of Agarest War sneaks its way onto the App Store

The cult hit Record of Agarest War has made its way onto the App Store with little to no fanfare today.

Agarest War won a name for itself in the tactical RPG community a few year back for its ambitious scope and story which unfolds over the course of five generations of heroes.

At the end of each storyline chapter, players pick a bride and create a new character via a "Soul Breed" system - thus passing the torch on to the next generation.

Basically, it's a solid tactics-style game with a light dating sim tossed in for good measure.

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As with the Android version - which has been available in the US since December - the iOS port features all the original DLC of the console release (included for free), 720p HD visuals, a full 59-track OST, the original Japanese voice acting, and over 40 cut scene videos.

Candy Crush, this isn't. You're looking at about a 100-hour playtime if you really poke around at everything Agarest War has to offer.

What this really translates to, of course, is that you better free up a hefty amount of space on your iOS device of choice. Record of Agarest War takes up 1.83 GB, and you'll need more free on top of that to download and install it.

You'll also need $14.99 / £10.49 and a relatively modern device to run it on, but this looks like a solid contender for your time if you enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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