Rakshasa Street, the official RPG of the Anime, is out now in select countries on Android

Rakshasa Street, the official RPG of the Anime, is out now in select countries on Android
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Rakshasa Street is a brand new RPG that is now available to download on Android in select countries. It is inspired by the popular anime Rakshasa Street. It has been developed and published by Onefun Games, who have previously released Echoes of Magic, Lost Empires and Heroes of Mythic Might.

About the game

There is a street named Rakshasa where living beings and the spirits co-exist. People with supreme power can control the spirits that will serve them in battle.

In Rakshasa Street, you will play as the spiritual master with supreme power to control the guardian spirits and be tasked with protecting the innocent from the darkness. It is a turned-based RPG where you can select other heroes with pre-selected skills to fight against the dark spirits. It has a dual card system, an interesting feature that differentiates it from other similar games.

You can get only three spiritual energies in a battle to summon your guardian spirit to your side, so be careful with every move. The main objective is to build a team with spirit masters, guardian spirits and martial spirits to beat your opponents.

Rakshasa Street's open beta is now live in select countries

Android users from Malaysia and a few other select countries can now get their hands on Rakshasa Street today as it's available in early access on Google Play. It is unknown if this test will expand to more regions or not.

Many events have already begun and you will get rewards for logging in continuously for eight days, and after the completion of this task, claim many gift packs and tons of coins. You can check out the game's Facebook page for details.

Rakshasa Street seems to be a good RPG that can be worth keeping an eye on, especially for the fans of the anime.

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