RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Summoning champions and fast

RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Summoning champions and fast

Get as many champions as possible

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If you've been looking for a new turn-based team RPG to dig into on mobile, RAID: Shadow Legends has you covered.

There's a huge variety of champions here, but summoning them and fast can be a challenge. How can we get more champions, and faster? Well, that's exactly why we're here.

In this short guide you'll learn everything you need to know about summoning champions in [email protected] Shadow Legends, and you'll be summoning before you know it.

Read on and summon yourself the strongest team possible.

Why do I want more champions?

RAID Shadow Legends

When you're playing through RAID: Shadow Legends you'll quickly learn how important having a varied team of champions can be, especially as you progress through the game.

The first reason is that, of course, you want a full party of characters. Four champions for many campaign missions, and at least five for the dungeons. Having any less will severely put you at a disadvantage in battle.

Not only that, but of course best champions have unique strengths and affinities, and while a varied team if fine for most missions, when you come across dungeons or bosses, having a team you can comprise of affinities strong against those enemies, you will have an advantage.

Similarly, you will eventually unlock Faction Wars, and in that mode, you can only use characters from a specific faction. This means you'll need to bolster a decent team comprised of each faction type, ideally.

So it's best to just collect all of the champions, right? Well, yes, at first, but eventually you'll need stronger and stronger champions. One way to level them up can be to sacrifice other champions.

It seems a bit cruel, but when you need a specific character to be stronger to take out a particularly difficult boss, you won't have any qualms about how you got there.

So summon all the champions you can to start with, and use a team comprised mainly of your highest ranked champions.

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Summoning champions

So how do you summon champions? You'll need shards, and there's several types of shards, each with their own chances of pulling rare champions.

We'll go into that later. For now you want to summon. You can of course buy crystals, but that's not the best way to go about it.

Dungeons can include crystals as rewards for progression, and in the campaign you can earn crystals by getting lots of stars on each mission. In addition to that of course, are your quests, achievements and daily challenges rewards.

Shard types

There are four types of shards, Mystery, Ancient, Void and Sacred, each with their own chances of summoning rare champions.

For example, the Mystery Shard has a 0% chance of summoning Epic or Legendary champions. Ouch.

Mystery Shards will however be the kind you find the most of, which means you have to make do with what you get, and make the strongest team possible out of Common, Uncommon and Rare champions.

RAID Shadow Legends

Pull chances

Here are the pull chances for each type of shard, so you know exactly how likely you are to get a Legendary before you invest any money.

Shard Type Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mystery 74.2% 24.4% 1.4% - -
Ancient - - 91.5% 8.0% 0.5%
Void - - 93.6% 6.0% 0.4%
Sacred - - - 94.0% 6.0%
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