RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Essential tips for a powerful team

RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Essential tips for a powerful team

Overwhelm enemies in RAID: Shadow Legends

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RAID: Shadow Legends has loads of champions to collect and do battle with, and it's hard to keep up with all of the intricacies of its system at first.

Luckily we're here, and we know how it feels to get stuck on those harder campaign missions and dungeons. With our tips, we'll power up your team ready for absolutely anything.

Any battle that lies ahead can be overcome with sheer might, and that's what this guide is for. Read on for the essential information on creating a powerful team in RAID: Shadow Legends.

The Tavern

RAID Shadow Legends

The Tavern will become one of the most essential parts of the game if you want to upgrade your characters so they can easily take down the campaign and dungeons.

There are steep challenges ahead, and luckily the Tavern will give you the tools you need to prepare your team for the very worst which lies ahead.

The first thing you can do is upgrade the level of your characters, but it comes at a cost. You will need either mugs of experience beer to give to your characters, or you will need to sacrifice other minions to power them up. Pretty devastating, especially if you're trying to prepare for Faction Wars.

Once those champions reach their maximum level, you can upgrade their rank in the Tavern, which is a pretty monumental task, but will upgrade their power heftily.

You can also upgrade Skills here, though it's random. If you have a skill book to allow you to upgrade, it will upgrade one skill on your chosen champion at random. So make sure to only use them on your essential team.

And finally you can ascend your champions here. This gives them a big stat buff and can even unlock new skills. That's great, but you'll need rare potions in order to do so. Make sure to grind these out in dungeons.

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In the Champions menu you will be able to equip items to your champions and, well, this is pretty important honestly.

A weapon, helmet, shield, gauntlets, torso armour, and foot armour. Each champion can equip these, and you should do so as soon as you get enough equipment - but only on champions you intend to use, of course.

You will need to pay money to equip different armour on filled slots and you'll lose the existing armour, so be careful when swapping pieces.

Sparring Pit

Down in the Sparring Pit is where characters will level up, all of their own accord. How lovely.

Throw a character in the pit, and check in on them whenever the timer ticks down. They'll only gain levels when you jump in.

It takes a while to level up, but if you have a low level character you intend to use in the future, throw them in, and fish them out later.

RAID Shadow Legends


We've already mentioned how you can upgrade your skills and gain new skills, but you should know how important they are.

In battle skills can buff you characters, heal them, and make them more fearsome or attack more often. These buffs are just as valuable as the modifiers you affect outside of battle.

Auto battling is tempting, but sometimes the only way to win is to take control yourself and power up your party.

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