RAID: Call of the Arbiter showcases official trailer as we inch closer to the premiere

RAID: Call of the Arbiter showcases official trailer as we inch closer to the premiere

Plarium and Pixel United have just unveiled the official trailer for RAID: Call of the Arbiter, which is a limited-time series set in the same universe as the superhit RPG. The show arrives on May 18th, with 10, five-minute-long episodes that will be released every week until July 20th.

RAID: Call of the Arbiter’s new trailer is a minute long and gives players a good look at the series’ central characters and the mysterious world of Teleria in which the show is set. Besides this one, players can also view the teaser and cinematic trailers on the official YouTube channel.

The miniseries will feature a lot of familiar and beloved faces, with some new ones joining the mix as well. While the episodes themselves are pretty short, and may not offer as much lore to fans, the Plarium team have created a tonne of bonus content in the form of backstories for all these characters.

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A total of 70 backstories will be featured over time. They will be part of another series called Discover the Lore, which has been created to offer viewers a deeper understanding of the show’s characters and plotlines. These clips will go live two days after each episode.

Speaking about the show, Nicholas Day, Vice President of Creative, Plarium and Executive Producer, said: “We’re excited to release RAID: Call of the Arbiter next week and share how we’ve turned the RAID video game IP into an entire world ripe for exploration. The Plarium team in collaboration with our external production partners Rollman Entertainment, Lex + Otis, and TeamTO have worked tirelessly for the past three years to bring this project to life and we thank them.”

We’re just a few days away from the release of RAID: Call of the Arbiter. Get on track with the story by downloading RAID: Shadow Legends now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Oh, and take a look at the RAID promo codes that are available during the event, we have collected each and every code there is.

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