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Racing Master: How to drift - Tips to help you cruise around the track

Drifting is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Racing Master: How to drift - Tips to help you cruise around the track
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Racing Master is a surprisingly deep racing sim from NetEase and Codemasters. Featuring hundreds of officially licensed cars, authentic tracks from around the world, and robust customization options. There's a lot to wrap your head around if you want to cross the finish line in record time.

One of the first things you'll want to perfect, however, is your drifting technique. Drifting is required on every course in the game – and it's the best way to keep your speed while sliding around tight curves. Here's everything you need to know about drifting in Racing Master.

Drifting Basics

Pulling off a drift in Racing Master doesn't take much skill – simply press the direction you're looking to drift and tap the handbrake button. Your car will then enter a controlled slide, which can then be augmented by stepping on the gas and using the left and right arrow buttons.

While executing a drift is simple, learning when to use it and how to control it is a different story.

Racing Master how to drift

Become A Drifting Master

Once you've figured how to perform a drift, you'll need to learn how to properly control it. The first step to perfecting your drift is to regulate your speed before entering a turn. If you come into a tight corner at 100mph, drifting won't save you from slamming into the barricades – regardless of how skilled you are.

Instead, try letting off the gas before tight curves, or even speeding up if the curve is gentle. It takes a bit of practice with each car to figure out the right speed, but keep at it and you'll eventually find the sweet spot.
Once you've found a good speed, you can go ahead and start your drift. While drifting, you'll want to keep an eye on the curved gauge that appears in the middle of the screen. This indicates the intensity of your drift. Pull the steering wheel too hard and you'll end up losing speed. Don't pull enough and you'll exit the drift.

The goal is to keep the gauge green, resulting in a buttery smooth drift. To do that, you'll need to modulate your speed and use both the left and right buttons to change your direction. If you notice you're oversteering and the gauge is turning red, press the opposite arrow key to smooth out your slide. You can even let off the gas if needed.

In other words – enter the curve at the right speed, don't try to oversteer, and do everything you can to keep the drifting gauge from turning red.

Specific Cars Require Specific Skills

Drifting low-tier cars such as the Ford Focus RS might not be too difficult, but you also won't be moving extremely fast. That makes it simple to correct any mistakes before they ruin your drift and slow down your momentum.

Faster cars, such as Ford GT, won't be as forgiving. It doesn’t take much movement to throw your drift off and turn your gauge from green to red. Their overpowered motors also impact the drifting gauge more than their cheaper siblings and require a driver that has been around the block a few times to be used successfully. We'd highly recommend taking your time to learn how to drift at the lower levels before moving up to faster vehicles. There are also a few tutorials in Racing Master that will help teach you the intricacies of drifting – although firsthand experience is probably the best teacher.

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