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QB Planets lets you solve puzzles across a cubic 3D landscape, out now on Android devices

QB Planets lets you solve puzzles across a cubic 3D landscape, out now on Android devices
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Madowl Games has announced the release of QB Planets on the Google Play Store, bringing a whole lotta cube puzzling fun to Android gamers across the globe. The cubic puzzle space adventure features vibrant family-friendly challenges where players can explore cubic planets, collect stars, and set out on an intergalactic journey with AR elements.

In QB Planets, you step into the shoes of an adventurous astronaut as you discover the mysterious powers of beautiful but dangerous puzzle planets. You'll have to look for stars across a cubic planet in order to power your ship while avoiding obstacles along the way. You'll also have to scout for a safe route to get to your vehicle with the least possible moves, adding a bigger challenge to overcome with every new planet.

You can also unlock different space suits and rocket ships as you progress through the game, as well as receive in-game rewards by clearing special missions. Meanwhile, the AR mode lets you use the camera from your own mobile device to generate a puzzle planet onto your own world.

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The game features a wide variety of environments from sci-fi locales to fantasy worlds, all navigated through simple one-finger controls and intuitive cube twisting. You can rotate the cube planet in any direction to strategize the best route to take in order to bring your astronaut to safety.

The game also features a multiplayer mode where you can challenge your online buddies to see who can reign supreme as the Twist Champion. With over 100 puzzle planets to overcome across five themes and with more than 290 puzzle medals to collect, QB Planets seems like the kind of game you can pour countless hours into over and over again.

If you're eager to give it a go, QB Planets is now available on Google Play at $4.99, with an iOS App Store release to follow.

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