Putt Putt Touch is iPhone's first Crazy Golf game


Putt Putt Touch is iPhone's first Crazy Golf game
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From my first couple of hours poking round the App Store, it seems many of the launch titles are focusing on colourful, casual gameplay with well-known genres.

Putt Putt Golf certainly falls into that category: it's a crazy golf game designed for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) touchscreen.

Released by TryThis Networks, it has 18 holes to play, which increase in difficulty as you go along. I'm sure the Crazy Golf on Folkestone beach used to do the same thing y'know.

The touch interface is the thing though. You touch the ball and pull your finger back to set shot power, and then glide it in any direction to set the aim before releasing your finger to actually take your shot.

It sounds like it could work well. Putt Putt Golf costs £2.39, and can be found here on the App Store (this link opens iTunes).