What is Purple, the new mobile game from Bart Bonte?

Step into a familiar color-based style

What is Purple, the new mobile game from Bart Bonte?
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  • Bart Bonte has released his newest puzzle game simply named "Purple"
  • Part of a series of games which follow the colour naming scheme, it's a microgame collection
  • Solve puzzles in over 50 levels, each with unique twists, and enjoy purple-themed graphics and a unique soundtrack

With all the colours in the rainbow, it's a wonder that it's taken solo developer Bart Bonte to get this far. But we can now announce that Purple, the latest in this one-man developer's series, is out now. Playable on Google Play and the App Store, this game may sound laugh-worthy, but it's anything but.

With the previous entries in this pseudo series being respectively named Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange, Bart Bonte's game series is relatively simple. Think Warioware, or any other succession of what many call 'microgames'.

In essence, each level is a short, self-contained puzzle. In the trailer above, we can see a few in play, like lining up three number 3s to fit together, or tracing your way through a short maze. The complexity is not necessarily the point, but the unique challenge and rapid pace of the whole game.

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And there's no denying that, with a palette focused purely on, well, the colour Purple, this game does look quite nice. Add onto that a specially composed soundtrack and it's no wonder that Purple stands out, visually and audibly.

All jokes aside

There's definitely something art nouveau about this whole thing. Still, even if it might be a bit much for you, there's no denying the simple brain-teasing appeal of short puzzles, with a lovely soundtrack and simple yet appealing visuals to match. Will Purple take home another award like Bonte's previous works? We'll just have to see.

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