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Punch Kick Duck, the action side-scroller where you play as a fighting duck, is out now on Android following iOS launch

Punch Kick Duck, the action side-scroller where you play as a fighting duck, is out now on Android following iOS launch

Following its release on iOS, Punch Kick Duck is now officially out on Android devices as well, letting players join in on all the punching and kicking (and ducking) action on mobile. Developer Shaun Coleman from Pipsqueak Games has crafted an action-packed 3D side-scroller in which you'll have to perform the titular moves to take down hordes of enemies in your way, all in an attempt to climb to the top of the tower and defeat the nefarious Baron Tigrisso.

In Punch Kick Duck, timing is what it's all about - plus punching, kicking and ducking, of course. Each move works in a rock-paper-scissors manner regarding how you defeat your opponents, so controls are simple in the sense that there are only three moves to master. Of course, there's also the RUN option, which is always going to come in handy when you come face to face with the "bear".

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The game also features three difficulty levels you can choose from to suit your gameplay preference best, as well as flexibility in terms of landscape and portrait modes. While touch controls are responsive, there's also a handy controller support function for players who are eager to give their foes a beating with a good ol' tactile controller.

If you're curious about it and are keen on giving the game a go for yourself, you can download Punch Kick Duck on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store. You can also join the community of followers on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments, or visit the official website for more info.

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