Two music games Pulse and The Well now live on App Store

Moving to a different beat

Two music games Pulse and The Well now live on App Store
| Pulse: The Game

Thanks to the success of games such as Tap Tap Revenge and Rock Band, there are plenty more developers trying to innovate when it comes to music games for iPhone.

Mixing up a game and a music visualiser is Cashmeer Media with its The Well.

This analyses the music in your iTunes library, creating a blocky background that you have to guide a falling cube through.

Colliding with the tune blocks that are scattered around provide you with points and an ongoing multiplier; something that's removed should you hit any of the peaks.

More conventional is Dutch developer Virtual Fairground's Pulse: The Game (pictured).

Created in conjunction with trance DJ Ferry Corsten, it's a rhythm-action game where you have to follow the beat, tapping in time as it passes nodes.

In this way, the track's pulse line gains height, allowing you to reach a song's samples. You then have to lock onto these sample lines and play their notes. Once you've completed them, they become part of the song you're creating.

Pulse: The Game features five exclusive tracks from Corsten and one from DJ Hiroki Esashika. It's out now priced $4.99, €3.99 or £2.99.

The Well is also out now, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.