Ferry Corsten lends talent to iPhone rhythm actioneer Pulse

Due out end of March

Ferry Corsten lends talent to iPhone rhythm actioneer Pulse
| Pulse: The Game

I'm not the right person to judge how to correctly deploy the phrase 'world famous trance DJ', so I'm taking it on trust that DJ Magazine's #7 deckspinner of 2009, Ferry Corsten (aka System F), is worthy of the accolade.

We'll all be able to get a taster of his skill soon however as Corsten has linked up with fellow Dutch outfit Virtual Fairground to develop Pulse, a dance-themed rhythm game for iPhone (and Valve's PC digital distribution system Steam).

He's produced seven tracks exclusively for the game - one for each level - which will have you tapping the screen to the beat of the music.

Tap and remix

When you follow the beat, the track's pulse line gains height, allowing you to reach a song's samples. You then have to lock onto these sample lines and play their notes. Once you've completed them, they become part of the song you’re creating.

The better you pulse, the more elaborate samples you can reach, and then you can layer samples together to create tracks. The game's goal is to build complete songs and mix tracks together while keeping your score multipliers going.

As well as making beautiful - hopefully - music, you'll also be able to upload your scores via the built-in Facebook and Twitter functionality.

You can find out more at the game's website. "I was trying to combine my music and games for quite some time. Then I met the guys from Virtual Fairground who showed me a demo of Pulse," says Corsten. "With my experience and their game design skills we have been able to shape Pulse into a great game and something that makes you feel like a DJ. I can't wait to see Pulse in the hands of players."

Pulse is due for release on 27th March.