Run your own manga celebrity eaterie in Pucca Noodle Rush for iPhone

From Zen to table cleaning chaos

Run your own manga celebrity eaterie in Pucca Noodle Rush for iPhone
| Pucca Noodle Rush

Sure, there are plenty of restaurant dash-style games on the App Store.

If nothing else however, Pucca Noodle Rush brings a certain Eastern charm to the whole experience.

Not only are the art and music themes manga, but the clients eat much quicker and are much ruder than I've learnt to accept from previous diner management games.

Certainly, you need to be on top table picking and tapping form if you hope to hit the high scores.

Lift bowl and scoff

Still, the genre's basic gameplay, in terms of seating customers, taking orders, clearing up and dealing with odd occurences - in this case prioritising friends and loyal customers, while taking into account rivalries, thorny personalities and floating zen gurus - are well worked.

You can get some idea how the game plays out in the following video footage, which covers the iPhone and DSiWare releases.

Pucca Noodle Rush is out now, priced $2.99, €2.39 or £1.79.

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