PUBG New State's new field trip into Troi's vehicles and other utilities is here

PUBG New State's new field trip into Troi's vehicles and other utilities is here
| PUBG: New State

Brian Corrigan has brought us another field trip into PUBG: New State and the game looks absolutely amazing. This video dives into the vehicles on the Troi map and some other utilities in the game.

We begin with the electric vehicle that is a culmination of speed and stealth, “The Volta”. It is quiet, but don’t think it makes you invisible, it has a peculiar sound that you cannot miss. But keep one thing in mind, using boost will heavily drain your battery, especially in the blue zone, where it consumes even more power. Use it wisely, or you’ll be sitting still right in the middle of the blue zone.

Next up is the two-wheeler, “The Vulture”. Faster than regular motorcycles, the Vulture can get you out if you’re stuck in a crunch. Just hit the boost and zoom away! But don’t forget the fuel gauge still exists.

Lastly, if your team is low on health, if you need to re-think your moves and if you want protection, then “The Tram” is your ride. An impenetrable futuristic train you can hop in to travel safely without getting hit unless someone is inside or is waiting to ambush you outside.

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As for the utilities, you can now purchase items in-game at the drone shop, and they’ll be airdropped to you via a drone. But what’s a reward without risk in PUBG New State? That drone will definitely attract attention, so be prepared to fight for your drop.

There is also a new helmet resistant to low-calibre ammo but vulnerable to guns using higher-calibre bullets. Last on our list, is PUBG New State’s weapon customization ability. Scattered around Troi, you will find customization kits that will help upgrade and amplify your guns, turning them into complete beasts. The toolkit will keep evolving once the game launches.

PUBG New State will be making its way to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store soon.

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