PUBG New State's latest update goes live tomorrow and features new game modes, weapons, Survivor Pass, and more

PUBG New State's latest update goes live tomorrow and features new game modes, weapons, Survivor Pass, and more

PUBG New State will temporarily go into maintenance tomorrow, February 10th, to roll out February’s content update and patches. Survivors can enjoy new game modes, weapon customization, features, a new Survival Pass, and more. Check out everything coming with tomorrow’s update below.

Game Modes

The February update introduces a new game mode called Round Deathmatch, a 4v4 battle with the first team winning four out of seven rounds winning the match. The game will take place on a new map called Arena, where players will battle it out in a randomly chosen restricted area. The second phase of the match will begin with a care package for everyone to try and get their hands on. Players start with one grenade, smoke grenade, and flash grenade.

Team Deathmatch also gets an overhaul with a revamped Station map and a new interface. The map has been made more diverse, improving regions that provide cover and players dying four times in a row without getting a kill will receive degraded armour. The new UI is more informative, cleaner, and will give alerts from time to time.


The update is set to introduce two new guns – the MP5K, a 9mm SMG that excels in recoil control and close-quarter combat, and the Crossbow, a silent killer with low reload speed. More customizations for the Crossbow will be revealed in the future. Other guns that have received updates and customization options include the DSR-1 which has a new reload feature, the M249 Ballistic Shield, and the MP5K Laser Sight.

Survivor Pass

Volume 4 of PUBG New State’s Survival Pass also releases tomorrow with Mayhem’s Doug Bikerway as the protagonist. Completing all story missions unlocks everything for free. There’s also the option of buying the Premium Pass with the Imperial Guard costume set. A new Survivor Pass badge is also being added and will be displayed alongside the nickname.

These are the major changes coming with tomorrow’s update. You can check the detailed patch notes on the dedicated website. Download PUBG New State now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Tanish Botadkar
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