PUBG: New State’s first major content update adds a new Survivor Pass, vehicles, weapons, and more

PUBG: New State’s first major content update adds a new Survivor Pass, vehicles, weapons, and more
| PUBG: New State

Krafton’s new battle royale PUBG: New State recently breached the milestone of 45 million downloads and is launching the first major post launch content update. New State will see the addition of Survivor Pass Vol. 2, new vehicles, weapons, gun customization options, and much more.

Survivor Pass Volume 2

This pass is inspired by the Dream Runners Faction’s Bella. Complete the list of story missions to unlock all of Bella’s costumes. Players who are willing to pay money can also upgrade to the Premium tier of the Survivor Pass to gain additional vehicle skins, character costumes, and 1,500 NC at Level 48.

New Vehicles

Traversal in PUBG: New State just got more fun with the addition of two new vehicles. Drive teammates around the map with the new electric six-seater minivan, the Electron. With increased durability, this car will protect you from all kinds of trouble. Meanwhile, the Mesta is best for a duo who wants to get around fast. A two-seater sports car, the Mesta has quick acceleration and can reach high speeds. Players can use the Electron on Troi and Training Ground and the Mesta on Troi, Erangel, and Training Ground.

New Weapon

Players can now get their hands on the new low recoil assault rifle, the L85A3. While the gun’s fire rate may not be top notch, the L85A3 deals the highest damage output of all assault rifles using 5.56mm ammo, allowing players to obliterate enemies at mid-to-long distances using this gun.

Gun Customization

The new gun customization options include the ability to add a Long Barrel to the M416 for better damage with reduced vertical recoil, the SLR on a 5.56mm Barrel for greater accuracy but less damage, and a Vertical Foregrip Bipod for the L85A3 for controlled recoil, with slightly lower ADS speed.

Merit Point System

To encourage Fair Play, PUBG: New State is introducing a new merit point system that will determine what modes a player can play. Being reported for acts like team killing will result in a points deduction and when this value drops below a specific threshold, the player will be forced to play solos until more merit points are accumulated.

Lots of new additions with this update and lots more to come in the Winter Festival Challenge. Download PUBG: New State now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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