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PUBG New State best weapons list

PUBG New State best weapons list

PUBG New State is Krafton's latest entry in the popular battle royale franchise that's made for mobile. Recently released with upgraded graphics, the survival shooter drops players into a futuristic world set in 2051, where it's every person for himself in a fight to be the last one standing. Of course, you can't win that delicious chicken dinner without packing some heavy firepower, so this list of PUBG New State's best weapons should help you survive for as long as you can against 99 other bloodthirsty players in the field.

PUBG New State best weapons

The best weapons in PUBG New State won't be handed to you on a silver platter, as everyone drops onto the island empty-handed. You'll have to scavenge your way through supply crates littered across the map or nab them from players you've killed already. It's still anybody's game and it'll eventually depend on your skills on the battlefield, but if you're lucky enough to come across the weapons below, then you might just gain the upper hand when you have a good loadout.


One of the best weapons in PUBG New State (and one of the most popular for new players due to its easy handling) is the Groza, and for good reason. More than being just a cult classic, the assault rifle does pretty well when you're up against multiple enemies in close-up encounters. Its burst-fire attack also features minimal recoil, as well as pretty good accuracy without a steep learning curve. It can take a while to reload, but most of the time, you really won't have to once you've cleared all the enemies in sight with its impressive firepower.


Yet another classic, the Vector is still the best submachine gun thanks to its rapid-fire rate. Popping up behind unknowing enemies is more satisfying when the Vector can deal devastating close-range damage; plus, it can help you get out of a sticky situation unscathed thanks to its raw firepower. A shotgun can, of course, be quite a match in similar encounters, but you can still wreak havoc with the Vector especially when you upgrade your gear with a larger magazine to reduce reload time.

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Packing quite a punch with 7.62mm ammunition, the AKM boasts strong reliability in mid-range combat. There are tons and tons of attachments you can tinker around with here from silencers to scopes, but do be wary of its heavy recoil. It does pop up quite often in the field, so it's common to see one of these lying around. It's best used within mid-range distances to keep your damage from diminishing the farther your target is.

PUBG New State weapon scope aim


Speaking of long distances, snipers will get a kick out of the M24. attaching a suppressor to it can make you the ultimate silent sniper when you've got a good vantage point; plus, you can rely on its aim thanks to the low recoil. It's also pretty commonly dropped in the field, and you can even use it to pierce through an enemy's armor with a maximum damage rate of 88.


If you're a fan of tight spaces and are looking for PUBG New State best weapons to do some killing in mid-range, you can one-shot enemies with the S12K. The semi-automatic shotgun boasts high damage and up to five rounds you can fire in succession, so it's best for aggressive players or for anyone who's looking to deal some serious damage when swarmed.

Grenade Launcher

If you have a Grenade Launcher as a backup somewhere, you should definitely give it a go as it can even take down players making a quick getaway in their vehicles. It fires up to six grenades and can be pretty insane when push comes to shove. This kind of heavy artillery isn't too readily available though, so pick it up when you do come across it and never look back.

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